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Apr 30 14

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Vs. Laminate Flooring

by admin

At first glance we could say Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Vs. Laminate Flooring is an apples and oranges analogy,however because of the looks of both products and there market position as a substitute wood or ceramic or stone and plainly folks are asking the question – we will give it our best shot.

In a rate system where 5 is the cats pajamas and 1 is leave your money at home.We ask our expert to comment.

Luxury Vinyl up to spills and Doggie stuff.

Luxury Vinyl up to spills and Doggie stuff.

Cost -

Clearly there is a quite the range of pricing out there from the  very very low to quite high (as expensive as the original materials) so if cost is your only criteria then you may as well go LVT .(Teaser alert I will tell you soon why)

both products score 5 for cost.

Design or aesthetic

Both products excel here as well ,some of the wood grains are truly wonderful and moving up the budget ladder will get you great looks maybe even exceed the beauty of natural product.

We are Giving Lvt 4 here and Laminate 5 just because of the ability to show a little more dimension on the premium boards.

Standing Water

We see a bigger gap in rating here and we should explain that for the purpose of this revue we are considering the “click products”.

Glued products may yield different results.

Fact is all laminates contain wood product -  wood and  water  go kaboom ! yes we have seen it -  we have fixed it  we know the pain.

Lvt is vinyl unless you go for a hybrid which may have a foam or a glue strip it going to handle water,urine etc a little better.

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Apr 30 14

Pro’s And Con’s Of Luxury Vinyl Tile

by admin
Stemel Distributors - Canadiana Luxury Vinyl Tile.

Stemel Distributors – Canadiana Luxury

Hardly a day goes by without some one asking about Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT.Touted by many as “the next big thing”its introduction to the market has seen a jump in popularity second only to the laminate revolution of the late 80′s. So what does the expert think of all the fuss ?

“There’s a lot to love here ,often reasonably priced with a great look and feel it’s 2 thumbs up as far as we are concerned.we have a great relationship with the product and in particular the Canadiana line from Durable,attractive,reasonable ,DIY friendly a definite winner.”

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Jan 25 11

My grout is faded and discolored what are my options?

by admin

Commercial Tile

My tile contractor said the fade and discoloration of our tile grout “Sounds like it might be efflorescence?”

You have two options:

Option (1)  you could router out the grout and re-grout the area, but the downside of this is that you may damage the tiles if you are not careful. Once you have taken the grout out, you may want to re-grout with an epoxy based grout which will not fade, discolor or grow mold or mildew.

Option (2) you could purchase a grout painting kit. It is exactly what is sounds like, you clean the grout with soap and water, let it dry and then with a small paintbrush paint over a new color. Much easier and cleaner to do than option 1.

Dec 15 10

My tiles sound hollow ?

by admin

If your tiles sound hollow then the problem you have is that the ceramic tiles are no longer bonding to the substrate. If it is an isolated area there is a quick fix remedy. You will have to remove the grout at the affected tiles, then you will have to purchase a mortar with a liquid latex additive (ex. Mapei Keralastic). Then mix a small batch that is very runny, with a small cup pour in the grout joints as much liquid that it will take, let it dry and repeat this process if necessary. If this does not work then you will have to replace the lifting tiles. it is very important that you do it right the first time or you will be paying more to do it a second time.

Dec 14 10

How do I ensure the right materials are used ?

by admin

Proper shower pan membranes, high temperature membranes for steam rooms, floor backer-boards, vapor barriers, crack suppression membranes, sound reduction materials ?.

Any time you hire a contractor ask about the process and the materials being used, you are paying for it ultimately. Once you know the process and the products investigate it on line or through a second party.

You will be able to find any product online that your contractor is using, if it is reputable. Also ask for 6 to 7 references and check them out, if the contractor refuses or doesn’t have any (references) alarm bells should ring.

Oct 13 10

Our contractor forgot the expansion slots in our new ceramic floors can we cut them in after the fact ?

by admin

“More haste less speed”

Schluter-DILEX screed joint profiles are designed to provide movement joints in tile installations that are set in a mortar bed


Here is what the expert had to say:

If you can determine within 2 to3 inches where the expansion joints were cut into the concrete, yes you can cut them in after, but it is more efficient and practical to do them as you go. The whole reason for putting in expansion joints is to allow the concrete to expand and contract without the tiles breaking, that is why it is so critical to install the expansion joints within 2 to 3 inches of the cut concrete joints.       C.D.

Oct 13 10

Our office building (new) has no windows in yet but we really need to finish our marmoleum floors is it ok to do so ? its to cold to rain

by admin

Under constant pressure in the commercial environment often things get crazy .

This post is based on a real scenario circa winter 2008 in Canada?

Here’s what our expert had to say:

…… should never install any flooring especially marmoleum until the building has its air handling units on, the windows and doors are in and the temperature has been stable for 5-7 days. C.D.

Oct 13 10

When should I consider a moisture barrier under my ceramic floors?

by admin

Often a great deal of time and effort is spent on moisture concerns with vinyl and Marmoleum products and other resilient floors.

But what about commercial  ceramic ?

C.D. our expert explains:

A moisture barrier system should be used when the concrete has a high moisture content or whenever you have a lot of moisture on top of the ceramic tile, ie. a shower.

Oct 4 10

We are going to get things rolling with an FAQ

by admin

Welcome..we are going to get things started with an FAQ ….don’t forget to comment